What Is Emotional Awareness Coaching?

We often look to make changes starting from the outside. We look to our diet, exercise, wealth, career, or our partner. But for whatever reason, the changes usually don't last. Or we find ourselves back in the same emotional funk that lead us to want to create change in the first place. We end up creating and repeating patterns, behaviors, and emotional reflexes time after time.

In Emotional Awareness Coaching we explore what's at the root of that funk, behavior, or pattern. We start from the inside and make our way out.

Emotional Awareness Coaching does exactly what it implies in the name. It brings awareness and clarity to the realm of your emotions. Everything starts from within. No matter how hard we might try to pound reality into the mold we want it to fit in, the only way out is through the emotions.

"Emotions" are not the fleeting feelings we get moment to moment. I'm talking about the hard-wired responses to life's challenges that we've developed over the years. The emotional narrative we've received from our family, caretakers, teachers, friends, and the media. The deep, mostly subconscious, realm of emotions that are running our lives from behind the curtain.

In Emotional Awareness Coaching, we explore what emotions are running your life. We'll dig in and find out what emotions are serving you and what emotions are holding you back. We'll look at what beliefs are attached to these emotions and if these beliefs serving you or needing to be revisited.

By exploring this deeper level of reality you'll be able to make clearer decisions, see yourself more clearly, and truly begin to make lasting positive changes in your life. The more we understand ourselves, the more clearly we're able to see the world and our place in it.

Are you ready to explore those deeper layers and start creating real change? Schedule your free 30-minute coaching call to get started.