Amber Desmond

Hi, my name is Amber….and I’m just like you.

How do I know I’m just like you? Because I’m a woman and a human being making her way through this wild journey we all call “Life”. I also happen to be a life coach for women & I’ve made it my #1 priority to understand the in’s and out’s of being a woman this day and age.

I specialize in what I call “Emotional Awareness“. I help you explore all the (specific to you) feelings and struggles that are coming up for you in life.

I got started on this journey at a very young age. My quest for knowledge and understanding was the driving force behind all my decisions, actions, and paths I chose to take. My own struggle with anxiety and depression and a sprinkling of existential angst drove me to explore the “why’s” behind all these emotions and feelings.

I studied every self-help book, psychology book, and spiritual text I could get my hands on. Hoping I’d find myself, find the Answers I was looking for. I’d love to say I finally found the one book that solved all my problems and answered all my questions. But the truth is…it took YEARS. Years of self-exploration, stumbling, and falling on my face repeatedly for me to finally WAKE UP.

One day at the tender age of 29 I was slapped in the face with the realization that, in fact “I DID NOT LOVE MYSELF”. Let me be clear, I realized after all this studying I hadn’t found a deep sense of love or compassion for myself through reading books. I realized I only loved parts of myself. The parts I had deemed “acceptable“….the parts I’d willingly share with friends, family, and partners.

But there, underneath those “acceptable” parts lived a million other parts of me. Parts filled with shame, sadness, anger, guilt, fear, regret, pain, and trauma. I realized then I had no idea how to navigate those more painful parts of myself, God forbid knowing how to love them and integrate them into the “acceptable” category.

It was from that day forward that I began a deeper journey into those hard to love places inside of me in hopes to find some semblance of peace, self-acceptance, self compassion, and eventually self-love. I began exploring what it ACTUALLY means, what it ACTUALLY takes, and how it ACTUALLY feels to LOVE MYSELF.

I then dedicated my life to exploring this new realm & through this dedication grew my passion for helping others, like me, do the same. I studied myself and those around me for many years. I organized small workshops and women’s groups and found that women were searching, even starving for their own answers.

I eventually came to study with the S.W.A.T institute (Simply Woman Accredited Training) were I learned the skills I was seeking in order to reach women on an even deeper level. I’ve now taken my many years of studying, research, training, and personal life experience and fine-tuned it into a method I use to help women like you discover those parts of themselves they feel blocked by.

I help women discover and integrate the parts of themselves they can’t seem to find love and compassion for. I help women navigate the inner-landscape that can often be cluttered and confusing, filled with all kinds of mixed messages and emotions that we don’t fully understand. My goal is to help women like you find clarity, peace, and a stronger sense of emotional empowerment through Emotional Awareness.